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โ€“ casual guide for slackline festivals. Take a deep breath, do some arm circles and relax. There are chances that you’ll find what you’re looking for. Maybe you’ll find something else. Don’t forget to breathe out.
This is not a compendium of knowledge about slackline and you will not learn how to walk on lines. You won’t even learn how to rig (set up) it correctly. However, this is absolutely the place for you, because reading about beautiful sports often inspires to make the first step. You can also take this step at the slackline festival. I wish that for you with all my heart.
If you are already a beginner and would like to try walking on highline or waterline, you’ve come to the right place. Slackline festivals are the most enjoyable and safest places to start this adventure. They often includes slackline workshops or other circus-artistic-gymnastic workshops, so you wonโ€™t experience boredom.
And since you are an advanced slackliner, you haven’t got lost either. In the Festivals tab you will find valuable tips about the event you are going to. From theEditionstab you will learn about the brands of lines that you made dirty with your foot, at the festival you are just returning from. In the Calendar, however, you will find out the dates of your future holidays or sick leaves.
Regardless of your level of advancement (or not being advanced) in the art of walking on the line, I wish you nice and pleasant reading.
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