High-Waterline Village Meeting EN

April 2019

#1 High-Waterline Village Meeting 2018 -specification

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Organizer: Slackline Sicilia ASD Date: 31.08-5.09.2018 Number of participants: +/-150 Number of lines: 15 Sponsors: Spider Slacklines, Slacktivity, Read Slacklines, Workshops: trickline, yoga, acroyoga, handstand, workshop for beginners Website: High-Waterline Village Meeting Specifications About: soon but only in Polish version Photos

Ndalaria / Sicily Slackline Meeting [High-Waterline Village Meeting]

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Form of the festival: Official Type: Highline & Waterline Place: Cefalù, Sicily, Italy Date : late August/ early September Length of lines: 20-240m Height range: 0-100m Distance to spots: 20-30min on foot Safety: daily checking of spots, one person from rigging team per spot, buddy check Availability of spots: